Posted on Jul 12, 2019

Denistone Veterinary Surgery

Leptospirosis outbreak in inner Sydney city area.
There have been several confirmed cases of Leptospirosis in dogs in inner Sydney (Surry Hills and Glebe) in what is considered to be an outbreak of the disease. Leptospirosis is a disease caused by a species of bacteria which is spread primarily by rats via contact with rat urine and stagnant water infected with rat urine. It is unclear what has lead to the outbreak however the recent wet weather in Sydney would allow for spread of the organism in pooling water. The organism is considered endemic in the rat population.
Dogs at risk of infection are those exposed to rats, rat urine or stagnant water contaminated with rat urine such as pools of water in parks. Infection can be through ingestion of the organism or by contact of the organism with breaks in the skin. Signs of infection include fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, increased drinking and jaundice.
To reduce the risk of Leptospirosis keep your dog on a lead after rain to prevent scavenging and access to puddles of water.
Vaccination against Leptospirosis is available, for more information please contact the surgery.
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